Polydrill Engineers Pvt. Ltd., was started in 1978 and incorporated under Companies Act for providing specialized services and supply of equipments to oil drilling industry. The company emerged as a Service Provider with multidiscipline activities spanning the field of Fabrication and Supply of pneumatic handling equipments, Bulk Handling Services by providing bulk handling equipments on lease to customers along with operational services, Supply of class ‘G’ cement in bulk form, Grouting Services by providing grouting and related handling equipments on lease to customers and Cementing Services by providing cementing equipments on lease along with operational services to customers in support of offshore and onshore oil drilling operations in India and abroad.

Major customers are :

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited , Oil India Limited, Halliburton Offshore Services Inc., Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd., Shiv‐vani Oil Gas Exploration Services Ltd., Ambico Foundocean Grouting Services Pvt. Ltd., Leighton Contractors (India) Pvt. Ltd., Valentine Maritime Ltd.,International Grout Operations Pvt .Ltd., Ocean Marine International , Swiber Offshore Construction Pte. Ltd.
  • 1. Equipment Supply.
  • Company undertakes design, fabrication and erection of Pneumatic Bulk Handling equipments – Storage Silos, Cutting Pods, Blenders, Surge tanks, Dust Collectors, Moisture Traps, Rock Catchers, Truck Mounted Mobile Silos, Truck Mounted Mobile Cementing Units and Batch Mixers as per customer requirements. Polydrill has supplied the largest pneumatic Silo of 6000 CFT capacity in India to Oil & Natural Corporation Ltd. The equipments are operated and maintained by the company on contract basis. Company has adequate inventory of all bulk handling equipments required for leasing to customers. All equipments are designed and fabricated at our factory at B‐19 MIDC, Ambernath, under third party Inspection Agencies like Baxcounsel Inspection Bureau Pvt.Ltd. and periodically tested and certified for operations.

    • 2 . Bulk Handling Services.
    • Polydrill provides on lease complete bulk handling equipments to Oil Drilling and Cementing Companies along with operational services on contract basis. The company is the approved Service Provider for bulk handling services for world renowned Cementing Companies like M/s. Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd and M/s. Halliburton Offshore Services Inc. for the last ten years and has provided their services at Asansol, Kakinada, Arunachal Pradesh, Sibsagar, Tripura, Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan ( Barmer ), Himachal Pradesh, Rajahmundry ( A.P), Shadol (M.P), Bokaro., in India and in Indonesia, Srilanka and Timor. Polydrill has long term contract with M/s. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd and M/.s Oil India Ltd for renting of Mobile Silos and Mobile Bulk Cementing Units for drilling site operations.

      • 3. Grouting Services.
      • Polydrill provides Grouting equipment along with pneumatic handling equipments on lease along with operational services to Offshore Grouting Companies for laying of undersea pipelines and offshore construction activities. Company also provides class ‘G’ cement in bulk form through their Storage and Handling Facility at Mumbai Port. The cement is pumped through pipe lines by pneumatic handling operations to the customers supply boats / barges.

        • 4. Cementing Services.
        • Polydrill has Cementing Units and Batch Mixer Units which are leased to Oil Drilling and Cementing Companies for undertaking Cementing jobs for offshore and onshore oil drilling operations. Polydrill is also undertaking contract with Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, at Kolkata and Bokaro for Cementing Services where the entire job of operating and maintaining ONGC Cementing Equipments are undertaken by company’s skilled personnel on contract basis.

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