Cement Supply

Supply of Cement through Polydrill's Bulk Plant

Polydrill procures cement from reputed suppliers as per specification of customer and supply the same through their bulk plant to customer's supply boat. Polydrill have their own godowns at different Ports across Country.

Scope of Work

Supply of cement to customer's through company's bulk plant equipments by procuring cement as per the specification required by the customer, storing and processing the same if required and unloading it to customer's supply boats as per their requirement.

Polydrill's bulk plant equipments are presently installed at Bhavnagar Port along with Godown storage facility and cement is unloaded to client's supply boats as per their requirement.

Polydrill’s bulk handling facility is also available at 14Victoria Dock, Mumbai where there is provision for Cement Sack Storage , Cement Cutting,Silo storage, loading and unloading of cement.

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