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Polydrill Engineers Pvt. Ltd., is engaged as a Service Industry providing Bulk Plant equipment and machinery of various capacities along with operational services for a period of time to Oil Drilling and Cementing companies, with nation-wide operations.

Companies are increasingly eager to hire equipment, as it allows them to minimise the size of their equipment fleet and less immobilised capital and lower maintenance cost. Renting equipment with operators even allows for optimising staff costs.

Polydrill has fleet inventories reaching up to hundreds of various range of equipment. We can provide the most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art equipment with or without qualified operator as and when the customers need it. Average fleet age is only five years.

Polydrill bear the responsibility for ensuring that their rental equipment complies with all applicable regulations. Safety checks are performed before each delivery.

Bulk Storage Silos : A storage Vessel used to store drybulk for required operations.
Capacity : 1000 CFT, 1500 CFT.

Cutting Pods/Loading Pods : A Temporary Vessel used to accumulate drybulk from Sacks.
Capacity : 50 CFT, 100 CFT.

Truck mounted Mobile Bulk Handling Unit : Storage Vessels that could be portable and mobile as well as used for Cementing Operations.
Capacity : 300 CFT.

Dust Collector : A dust collector is a system used to trap fine dust that ventures out through the vent line thus making sure that only air is released and the dust is trapped by the dust filter mechanism. This not only curbs air pollution also helps in keeping a dust free environment.
Capacity : As per client's requiement

Moisture Seperator : It helps in trapping the Moisture and setting out moisture free air to pressurize the required vessels.
Capacity : 500 CFM, 750 CFM

Surge Tanks : Measured Storage Vessels for Short and Accurate flow of Cementing Operations.
Capacity : 70 CFT.

Blenders : A storage Vessel used to blend/mix Dry chemicals/cement/lightweight granules etc.
Capacity : 500 CFT.

Air Compressors : Compressors used for Air Generation required for Bulk Handling, Cementing and Grouting Operations.
Capacity : 350 CFM.

Water Tank : Used to Store barrels of water used for (Cement , Chemical , Mud)slurry preparations during Oil Rig Operations.
Capacity : 250 bbl

Truck mounted Mobile Silos : Vessels used for storage that are portable and Mobile as per Client Convenience.
Capacity : 500 CFT.

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