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As Supplier and Service Provider we remain committed to providing excellent product and services and are confident that the know-how and experience gone into our Products and Services will ensure that the customer receives the best.

We supply the following type of equiments:

Bulk Plant Equipment

Company undertakes design, fabrication and erection of all pneumatic bulk handling equipments like storage silos, blenders, cutting pods, surge tanks and complete piping as per customer's requirement.

Cement Batch Mixing Units

Company undertakes fabrication and assembly of Cement Batch Mixing Units 50 bbls and 100 bbls capacity complete with mixing tank, agitators, pumps, hydraulic system and engine on skid.

Mud Plant Equipment

Company undertakes design, fabrication of Mud Plant used for handling of barytes and bentonite in liquid form for oil drilling operations comprising of storage tanks, mixing tank, agitator and pumps etc.

Grouting Equipment

Company undertakes design, fabrication of Grouting Equipments, comprising of Surge Tanks, Cavity Pumps & Mixing Pumps etc.

Scope of Work

• Fabrication and supply of all bulk plant equipments like storage silos ( both vertical horizontal ), blenders with weighing systems, cutting pods with loading platforms, moisture separators, rock catcher along with complete pipings etc including compressor units.
• Supply of Mud Plant equipments like storage tanks, centrifugal pumps, agitators etc as per customer's requirement including operation and maintenance services on contract basis.
• Supply of Batch Mixer for cementing jobs in drilling operations and pipe line works comprising of mixing tank 50 bbls / 100 bbls capacity, agitator, pumps and engine etc mounted on skid as per customer's requirement.
• Supply of Mobile Silo mounted on trucks for transporting bulk material.
• Supply of Grouting Equipments

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