Polydrill undertakes heavy fabrication work as per design and specification of clients. Jobs are undertaken at factory or at site.

Scope of Work:
  •           • Design, fabrication and supply of all equipments for pneumatic bulk handling systems.
  •           • Design, fabrication and assembly of cement batch mixing units used for cementing jobs in oil drilling operations and pipeline grouting projects.
  •           • Design and fabrication of Mud Plant unit for storage, mixing and handling of mud chemicals used in oil drilling operations.
  •           • Fabrication and supply of miscellaneous items like anchor buoys, pressure vessels, heat exchangers etc.
  •           • Design & Fabrication of Grouting Equipments.

Polydrill has a well equipped factory to undertake heavy fabrications with plot area 3500 Sq. Mtrs. at 19/B, Additional Ambernath, MIDC, Anand Nagar, Ambernath (East), Dist. Thane.

Quality Assurance for Fabrication Jobs:

The Inhouse QC Department is managed by technically professional people having more than 15 years experience.

The QA department draws plans with respect to job requirement inspection stages, welder qualification and fabrication quality. Preparation of QC checkhold points as per relevant codes etc. and liaisioning with external inspection agencies. For special application critical monitoring and special technical audit, third party quality management consultants are engaged as required on a case by case basis. For each contract QC procedures and stages are discussed with clients/ consultants and based on their requirement check hold point are identified as the quality control plan. Inspection at agreed stages are offered.

Special Hydrualic & Pneumatic test & Pressure test Report

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